Port operation
for other types of vessels

Port operations
for other types of vessels

Detailed D/A estimation prior vessel's arrival according to port tariffs.

Regularly updated and detailed ports and cargo berths information (Draft, Capacity, Cargo handling equipment, rates …etc).

Advise ship’s crew with the port rules and necessary precaution in order to avoid any fines in case of breaching the port rules.

Sending regular pre-arrival notification to cargo receivers/shippers.

Sending the Notice of Readiness to cargo receivers/shippers.

Legal advisor to our principals in case of any dispute or cargo claims with any party.

Attending the draft survey of the bulk carriers prior commencing and after complete operation.

Attending cargo calculation and tanks' sounding for tankers.

Continuous supervision during cargo handling of vessels at the port. Timely and full reports to the principals about vessels handling.

Cargo and ship's survey and tally services.

Issuing the statement of facts according to the vessel's port stay.

Quick dispatch of the final statement of account after vessel's departure with all the supported invoices.